Under the Shade of Light,  2022

Charcoal art on paper

28 x 22 inches (framed) - Large format

The charcoal art is depicting a woman's face that is illuminated in the shadows. The use of charcoal, which is a medium that can create deep, rich tones, is helping to convey a sense of depth and complexity in the subject's features. The fact that the shadows are portraying a "bright sense" of the person's personality suggests that the artist has used lighting and shading techniques to convey a positive, vibrant impression of the subject.

The artist has used his skills in this charcoal art to create a powerful and evocative image that captures the essence of the person being depicted. The use of light and shadow is a key element in creating a sense of depth and dimensionality, and it is clear that the artist has paid careful attention to these details in this expressive work of art.

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