Panthera pardus,  2022

Sold - Charcoal art on paper

35 x 27 inches (framed) - Large format

The black panther is a melanistic leopard and its scientific name is Panthera pardus.

Black panthers are a melanistic colour variant of several species of big cats, including leopards and jaguars. Melanism is a genetic mutation that causes an animal to have an excess of dark pigment, making its fur appear black. However, upon closer inspection, black panthers often have faint patterns that can be seen in certain lighting conditions. These patterns are due to variations in the distribution of melanin across the fur, resulting in slightly lighter areas known as "ghost stripes" or "rosettes."

This charcoal art of the black panther depicts these subtle details, adding to the realism of the piece. Charcoal is a great medium for capturing the textures and tones of fur.

The brighter the light, the blacker the darkness. The intensity of light can accentuate the darkness around us. This artwork is meant to serve as a reminder to confront our fears and challenges with courage and determination, rather than avoiding or running away from them.

Frame in picture is for indicative purpose only