A sudden awakening, A blissful existence

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Artist Bio

Gautam Bansal, based in Bengaluru, is a charcoal and mixed media artist with an Art & Design background. Despite his prior senior roles in Graphics, UI, UX, and Marketing, his profound passion for charcoal art has defined his creative journey over the past two decades.

Gautam's art has been featured in prestigious exhibitions like the India Art Festival & Mumbai Art Fair. His collaborations with various galleries in Mumbai and Bengaluru, along with being part of group exhibitions, illustrate his growing presence and involvement in the art community. Remarkably, some of his pieces were curated by a Bollywood actor and politician for an exclusive show in Mumbai. Furthermore, some of his works adorn the homes of famous personalities in Mumbai & Bengaluru. Along his artistic journey, he has earned awards and accolades.

Gautam's dedication to his craft, his transformative journey from the corporate world to the realm of artistic expression, and his steadfast presence in esteemed exhibitions all narrate a compelling story of an artist committed to unceasing visual innovation.

Artist Statement

As a charcoal artist, I aim to capture the very essence of emotions in motion. My inspiration is deeply rooted in the diverse forms of nature, the graceful fluidity of dance, and the profound touch of spirituality and philosophy.

Through the interplay of bold strokes and delicate smudges, I infuse my subjects with an unrefined intensity that resonates with the intricate nuances of human emotions. The dance between light and shadow within my creations echoes the intricate tapestry of sentiments. My intention is to bridge the gap between the tangible and the intangible, extending an invitation to viewers to connect with the universal language of emotion.

Charcoal, my chosen medium, provides me with a sanctuary of solace and passion, serving as a conduit to convey the unspoken. I extend an invitation to join me on a journey of exploration, delving into the ethereal beauty residing within transient yet enduring expressions.