Oldie,  2022

Charcoal art on toned paper

20 x 16 inches (framed) - Medium format

This charcoal artwork suggests that the elderly person depicted in the artwork has lived a long life and this is reflected in the physical signs of ageing on his face, such as wrinkles and ageing skin. The mention of a snow like white beard also adds to this impression, as it is often associated with wisdom and maturity.

This piece of work is meant to convey a sense of realism and depth in the portrayal of this person's facial features, which may evoke emotions and thoughts in the viewer about the subject's life experiences and the passage of time.

The use of charcoal as a medium in the artwork contributes to the sense of realism and depth, as it allows for shading and texture to be applied to create a more three-dimensional representation of the subject's facial features.



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