Face of Evolution,  2022

Charcoal art on paper

25 x 24 inches (framed) - Large format

The juxtaposition of an ape's head with the facial features of a modern man is a visual representation of human evolution in the form of charcoal art. It reminds us of our shared ancestry with other primates and highlights the incredible journey that our species has taken over millions of years. The artist has interestingly tried to provide his interpretation of how the ancient species may have looked bearing the features of both apes and home sapiens.

This conceptual portraiture is a tribute to the many different human races that have inhabited the earth throughout history, and it serves as a reminder of our collective heritage. It shows us that, despite our many differences, we all share a common bond as members of the same species.

Furthermore, this artwork serves as a symbol of hope for the future. By acknowledging our past and celebrating our journey, we can gain a deeper appreciation for the many challenges and triumphs that have brought us to where we are today. This can inspire us to continue pushing forward, striving to create a better world for ourselves and future generations.

This style of charcoal art is leaning more towards realism with a touch of surrealistic concept. Detailing has been done to achieve the look of both the ape and man.

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