Forest,  2022

Sold - Charcoal art on paper 

16.5 x 20.5 inches (framed) - Medium format

The misty fog crept slowly through the dense trees and foliage of the forest, shrouding everything in a ghostly veil of white. The dampness of the mist settled on the leaves and branches, causing them to glisten in the soft light. As the mist made its way deeper into the forest, it seemed to swallow up the wind-swaying flora, leaving nothing but a haunting silence in its wake.

The trees stood tall and stoic, their dark trunks and branches reaching up into the mist. The thick canopy overhead blocked out most of the light, casting a gloomy atmosphere over the forest floor. The only sounds were the rustling of leaves.

The mist swirled and twisted, as if it had a life of its own, slowly enveloping everything in its path. It was as if the forest itself was being consumed by this spectral presence. The mist seemed to seep into every crevice, clinging to the bark of trees and coating the ground in a damp sheen.

The contrast between the dark trunks and the misty white backdrop created a striking lively image through the use of charcoal for the viewer. The mist added a sense of mystery and magic to the forest as if anything could happen in this enchanted place.

As the mist continued to weave its way through the trees, it seemed to be on a mission to devour everything in its path. But there was a sense of peace in the stillness it left behind as if the forest was taking a moment to rest and rejuvenate in the cool, damp air.