Responsive Website

Luxury Real Estate Consultancy

My Role: Creative problem solving | Navigation system | Information architecture | Wireframes | User interface (UI) | User experience (UX) | Styleguide | Icon design | Design management

The client needed a well designed information-driven website which can help them generate more traction and business enquiries.

Provided an attractive yet functional design for the entire website with an effective navigation system. Ensured that most of the written content was communicated visually to bring about aesthetics & engagement in the user interface and user experience.

UI Assets

Navigation menu & Icon design

More icons

Home page - UI elements & graphics

Smart information graphics were designed to prioritise and make the communication experience more interesting. This was done in alignment with the overall design language of the website. A fluid layout composition was provided to make the website look more user-friendly and aesthetic.

Process Infographics

Internal page design

The leaf motif in the brand design was smartly extended into various UI elements for the website such as scroll arrows and infographics to convey a uniform language. Icons that gel with the overall theme were designed for the navigation menu, integrated into some of the infographics and communication.

Services Infographics