Mobile Application & CMS

Industrial Safetywear Brand

My Role: Project ownership | Product management | Creative problem solving | UX research | Product requirement document | Navigation system | Information architecture | Wireframes | User interface (UI) | User experience (UX) | Styleguide | Icon design | Information graphics | Design management | Android & IOS platforms

Some UI elements & graphics

The client wanted to create a centralised product catalogue that showcases the entire product inventory. It should also be easily searchable and shareable. The product images that were being shared by their team members were also ad hoc and not standardised.

Provided a design language that facilitates the presentation of the product portfolio in the most suitable way for an enriching and smooth user experience. The UI aesthetics including the colour palette presents a crisp and relevant outlook for the brand and its product catalogue. The search feature which is easily accessible via a floating action button signifier was made extremely dynamic such that by entering just 3 characters the user can reach the right product selection irrespective of the complex nature of the product codes and names. 

Arrived at a robust solution that would not only centralise their entire product portfolio but also be shared with their clients via the mobile application in the form of a standardised pdf/image format. This format is generated in real-time and for the benefit and clarity of both the sales team and their customers.


Shareable & Downloadable Product sheet

Some of the CMS screens

A web admin panel (CMS) was also designed and developed to manage the mobile application in terms of categories, industries, products and their details, special offers, tags, product certificates among other features. All the product images were defined in a certain ratio so when uploaded via the admin panel it will follow a uniform size adding to the aesthetics and homogeneity.

Other suitable signifiers, affordances and mapping have been provided to ensure that the user has an efficient and meaningful experience in using the mobile application and web admin panel.

Some of the App screens