Brand Design

"People Success" Brand

My Role: Project ownership | Research | Logo concept & Design | Styleguide | Colour palette | Typography

Challenge Overview

Performers Factory, a startup aiming to transform individuals and organizations into high-performers, sought a logo identity that encapsulated their mission. They aimed to emphasize the transformation of underperformers into star performers, highlighting their unique approach to generating exponential ROI through investment in people. Additionally, the logo needed to signify their global reach and the platform connecting job seekers, mentors, and companies for mutual growth.

Design Solution

The design process commenced by exploring various concepts to visually represent exponential ROI growth. However, a pivot in focus occurred, centering on the core brand message: transforming underperformers and fresh talent into star performers.

The final concept emerged from a sketch portraying an individual enring Performers Factory (PF initials) and emerging as a star performer, symbolized by a star replacing the individual's head. This concept, a representation of transformation and growth, evolved into the symbol within the logo.

Initial Concept Sketches

Key elements and choices


The logo symbolizes an individual's transformation into a star performer, emphasizing growth and wealth attainment. The use of green, specifically leafy green, distinguishes the performer and signifies growth. The star's substitution for the individual's head communicates excellence and achievement.

Color Palette

The green color embodies growth and prosperity, while black conveys a bold and classy appeal. The alignment of the green in the word "Performers" links it to the star performer, reinforcing the brand's core message.


The chosen typeface for the company name reflects a straightforward yet classy demeanor. The styling of "Factory" resonates with the organizational core of the brand.

Logo in inverse colours


The comprehensive logo design, comprising the symbol, color palette, and typeface, was presented to the startup. The client found the design resonating well with their vision and expectations. The logo effectively conveyed the transformative aspect of their business, connecting with their emphasis on cultivating star performers and delivering exponential ROI.


The Performers Factory logo successfully encapsulates the essence of the brand's mission. It symbolizes transformation, growth, and the journey from underperformance to excellence. The cohesive design aligns with the startup's aspirations of global reach and positioning as a catalyst for organizational and individual success.