Brand Design Kit

Fintech Brand

My Role: Project ownership | Research | Concept & Design | Styleguide | Colour palette | Typography | Layout | Graphic design | Corporate identity manual | Design management

Stationery design deck

The requirement was to provide a fresh identity design along with a stationery kit that will stand the test of time. The client develops software solutions for Stock Broking, Stock Exchange Trading, Treasury, FX Risk Management, Investment Management & Retail Bonds. The company does 10 billion US$ trades every day, handles over 2 million investor records across the globe, has partnered with 3 global exchanges and has products that run across 9 countries.

New Logo Design

Logo & Business Card (Old)

The corporate identity design is meant to denote an abstract version of a bull and its horns. It perfectly aligns with various attributes of the company. A bullish market tends to be associated with increasing investor confidence and is often described as a bull run. The identity also signifies high level of performance, action oriented and focussed in its approach. It integrates well with the ‘Active’ branding of Chella Software products.

Business Card Design

Letterhead Design

Annual Report