Brand Design Kit

Networks Security Brand

My Role: Project ownership | Research | Concept & Design | Styleguide | Colour palette | Typography | Layout | Graphic design | Corporate identity manual | Design management

The requirement was to provide an identity design and brand kit that will resonate with the attributes of the company and its products. The client is a Silicon Valley start-up, that develops network access security products with operations in USA and Bangalore.

The letter ‘V’ in the logo symbol is meant to depict a shield, a symbol of protection and defence. The orange arcs, inspired by the “Wireless Symbol”, are meant here to depict smooth operations and functionality on the wired, wireless and VPN networks of medium and large-sized organizations. The font is meant to represent solidity and boldness. It is a wall against malicious viruses and intruding hackers. The colours gel together to exhibit a blend of innovative technology and customer trust.