Thinking Cap,  2022

Charcoal art on paper

24 x 18 inches (without frame) - Large format

The charcoal portrait depicts a woman seated and gazing. She seems to be in deep introspection and her posture is upright and attentive, indicating that she is aware of her surroundings and listening.

The woman's facial features are rendered in detailed charcoal strokes, highlighting her expressive eyes, which are slightly closed. Her lips are full and gently parted as if she is on the verge of speaking or breathing a sigh.

The woman is wearing a cap and the locks of her hair are cascading down her shoulders. The hair is rendered with hard, flowing lines and with some texture.

The overall tone of the portrait is one of contemplation and reflection, with the woman appearing deep in thought yet receptive to the world around her. The use of charcoal gives the artwork a dramatic and emotive quality, with the dark, velvety strokes adding depth and dimension to the woman's features and the cap.

Frame in picture is for indicative purpose only

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