Soak-in,  2022

Charcoal art on paper

20 x 17 inches (framed) - Medium format

This charcoal artwork depicts a woman who has reached a state of self-realization and is absorbing energy from her surroundings and radiating it. The light is soaking her just like water would do. The use of saint-like expressions is interpreted as a representation of her spiritual or enlightened state.

Self-realization is a term commonly used in spiritual practices to describe the process of discovering one's true nature or essence. It involves recognizing the self as a part of the larger whole and understanding the interconnectedness of all things. This realization can lead to a state of inner peace, joy, and fulfilment.

The idea of absorbing energy from the surroundings and radiating it is also related to spiritual concepts such as the flow of energy or life force, which is believed to be present in all living beings. In some spiritual traditions, this energy is referred to as prana, chi, or ki. The concept of absorbing and radiating this energy suggests a state of balance and harmony with the environment.

Overall, the artwork appears to convey a sense of spiritual enlightenment and the idea of being connected to the larger universe.

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