Shubharambh...Ommmm (Auspicious Beginning),  2023

Charcoal art on paper

30 x 30 inches (framed) - Large format

Blowing the conch is an ancient ritual that has been practised in many cultures and religions for centuries. It is often performed by sages, priests and spiritual leaders during religious ceremonies and festivals. This ritual is not limited to Hinduism and is also seen as a sign of good luck in many other cultures around the world including Buddhism, Jainism, and Taoism. It is believed to have several benefits, including purifying the environment, creating a positive atmosphere, and bringing success and good fortune.

The signature sound of "Om" produced by blowing the conch is particularly important in Hinduism, where it is considered to be the sound of the universe and represents the beginning of creation. The sound of the conch is also believed to have a calming and soothing effect on the mind, which can help to improve focus and concentration.

The strokes in charcoal symbolize the vibrations of the sound "Om" that transcend time and space, representing the universal energy that connects all beings. The in-motion feel is also meant to symbolize the awakening of a new dimension and the individual's spiritual journey.

The use of charcoal as a medium has been particularly effective in depicting the depth and vibrancy of the artwork, as well as highlighting certain levels of detailing that can lend towards realism. Charcoal has been tactfully used to create a range of textures and shades, which adds a sense of dimensionality to the artwork and make it appear more lifelike.

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