Jashn (Celebration),  2023

Charcoal art on paper

41 x 32 inches (framed) - Extra-large format

The Arab woman in the dance sequence is depicted with flowing robes and a veil that add to the fluidity of her movements. The charcoal medium creates a contrast between the dark and light areas of the artwork, highlighting the dancer's gestures and bodily expressions. The artist has used shading and blending techniques to create a sense of depth and movement, making it appear as though the dancer is in motion.

One can appreciate the beauty of elegant and fluid dance forms. How the body moves have always intrigued the artist. One can also appreciate the skill and precision involved in creating this artwork, as charcoal can be a challenging medium to work with. The artist has captured the grace and elegance of the Arab woman's dance, and the result is this piece of art that draws the viewer's attention.

Overall, this charcoal artwork is meant to be a beautiful representation of an Arab woman in motion, capturing the beauty of the veil dance sequence. It showcases the fluidity and grace of the human form, capturing the essence of movement and expression, and the medium used adds depth and texture to the piece.


Frame in picture is for indicative purpose only

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