Brand Design Kit

Food & Catering Brand

My Role: Project ownership | Research | Concept & Design | Styleguide | Colour palette | Typography | Layout | Graphic design | Corporate identity manual | Design management

Some brand design kit elements

The client required a new brand identity and design kit. The company offers a wide range of curated global cuisines, outdoor catering experiences and dark kitchen services to cater on any scale, for any occasion and in any location. As quoted by the client, “We want our end customers to know more about our company and services, build long term relationship and trust with our brand, get them to call us for their every celebration to make it the most memorable event in their lives."

When we look at the beauty of nature, we find that five elements provide the foundation for the entire physical world. We recognize these elements as Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth and which are the building blocks of all material existence. These elements come together to create a universal harmony, balance and life.

The brand amalgamates various elements such as rich flavours, global ingredients, tasteful cutlery and crockery, highly professional service, great ambience among others to create a very personalised food experience for their patrons and leave them with everlasting memories.

FFT is the acronym for the brand name which itself has a unique personalisation to it, has a great sound and comes with a certain vibe of class and suave the moment it is spoken or read. It very well resonates with the internal and external stakeholders. The potential clientele on the global platform relates with this very well.

Earlier Logo & Branding

New Logo Design

The new logo identity design of the brand is meant to signify a certain level of food personalisation, overall experience and vibrancy which it delivers through its food and service.

The letters of FFT subtly and in a sort of abstract-curious manner come together to form a fork on a designer plate, representing cutlery which in turn is meant to signify food and service in this context. The designer plate which is of a known shape is to portray the exquisiteness and luxury which one can expect from the brand.

Every element in the logo is meant to signify something in the context of the food and catering world. The brand colours have been inspired by the 5 elements of nature.