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Artist Bio

Gautam Bansal aka GB has spent the last 20 years navigating his way through the pathways of Bangalore as an artist, designer and marketer. He is a self-taught artist with a special love for monotone shades.

His charcoal work is on display in the Canvas Art Gallery. It has been displayed in several exhibitions and art fairs including the India Art Festival and Bengaluru Habba. He has also collaborated with Sublime Galleria in UB City, Bangalore, India.

GB's work has also been featured in prestigious publications such as the Art Journal magazine. He has achieved success in various competitions, including ranking number 2 in an International online contest and exhibition hosted by Talentiila Foundation and winning the award for Best Sketch Artist for his work "Oldie". He was also ranked 41 out of over 9000 participants in an online art competition organized by Hashtag Kalakar, and his work titled "Chaos" was nominated for an award and featured in their art magazine. Additionally, GB's charcoal work "Jashn" has been ranked as one of the Top 10 entries by the Artorful online portal. 

He has also completed several commissioning works. Prospects can share a basic brief comprising their topic of interest, venue, budget, estimate size and purpose. GB will compile all the info and discuss the possible solutions to freeze the commissioning.

Apart from art commissioning and sales, GB takes up charcoal workshops and teaches charcoal art to autistically challenged children.

For any enquiries, you can reach GB at

Artist Statement

GB delves into charcoal as his primary medium as he believes that the tonal & textural details are unparalleled. His art explores his fascination with the in-motion gestural frames of topics and subjects varying from people, spirituality & nature.

His style explores the beauty of gestural movements and captures the essence of energy. Through the use of bold, gestural marks, he suggests fluidity and motion of the subject. He aims to create a dynamic visual experience that invites the viewer to engage with the piece and feel the energy of the moment. With each expressive stroke and smudge, he seeks to convey the beauty & power of the subject in a way that is raw and emotive. Each piece is a celebration of the fleeting nature of time and the power of spontaneous motion. 

The paintings evolve through the addition of details and formal elements such as composition to structure the work. For him, charcoal art is about expressing life, a blend of sunny and subdued moments. His versatile charcoal art portfolio comprises human emotions, figurines, animals, portraits and conceptual work.

A sudden awakening, A blissful existence